What are the factors that affect the quality of metal stamping parts?

If you are considering choosing a quality hardware stamping manufacturer, consider the following factors. Otherwise, your parts will have quality problems.

1. Mold materials

Mold material is one of the key factors affecting the quality of metal stamping parts. Good machining starts with the right tool, so qualified manufacturers should pay great attention to die materials, heat treatment, etc.

The material of the stamping die depends on the type of product and its characteristics. Normally, ordinary steel is used for stamping parts with thin walls and large surface areas. However, if the production of high-precision, thin-walled complex parts is required, P20 steel should be used.

2. Accuracy

The precision of the mold determines the degree of smoothness of your parts and what kind of problems will appear after molding. Better precision can significantly improve metal stamping quality.

When choosing a Metal Stamping China manufacturer, it is necessary to check whether their machines are equipped with advanced testing equipment, such as laser measurement tools, to ensure the accuracy of the die.

Every good hardware stamping manufacturer should recheck the dimensions of each die for errors after heat treatment and surface grinding at least once or twice a year to ensure product quality.

3. Stamping parts and the number of stamping parts

How many times a part is significantly stamped can affect its tolerance, so attention must be paid to this issue when selecting a quality hardware stamping manufacturer.

For thin-walled parts, it is best to do several injections after the molding process, as fewer secondary operations are required and you can avoid leaving an imprint on the product. However, if used to accentuate the aesthetic appearance of the product, multiple perforations are a good choice.

Note that too many stampings can cause deformation and reduce overall mass.

e6b28d66f0fe1c18b438bdb0564538ea4. Surface roughness

Surface roughness is the key factor that determines whether your product is smooth and beautiful after molding.

High quality stamping surfaces should be mirror or satin. For many thin-walled parts, a single grinding operation is sufficient to improve the surface quality. Multilayer stamped products with multiple punches may require up to three times as much polishing before heat treatment.

5. Heat treatment

Heat treatment is usually done after stamping.

High temperature tempering, quenching and normalizing tempering process is a commonly used heat treatment process for continuous hardware stamping parts in China. After heat treatment, your parts will be stronger and perform better.

Heat treatment can significantly improve metal stamping quality, helping your parts resist deformation, stress and cracking.
However, excessive heat treatment can quickly reduce the precision of the product, resulting in poor surface finish and deformation.

6. Surface treatment

The surface treatment of continuous die metal stamping is different from that of transfer die metal stamping.

After heat treatment, the surface of high quality continuous die stamping parts will be coated with antirust oil or black oxide. However, if your product requires a higher aesthetic, consider having it polished by an experienced worker.

Surface treatment significantly improves metal stamping quality and performance.

7. The processing

Continuous die metal stampings are usually transferred to the processing department after stamping.

High quality continuous die stamping may be finished after a series of locomotive cutting and other processes. Each is essential to ensure a high quality product with precision, smooth surfaces, nice appearance and enhanced performance.

8. Parts inspection

When choosing a professional Chinese metal stamping manufacturer, it is necessary to check that they have the required equipment, such as coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and ultrasonic testing (UT), to ensure product quality.

It is best to choose a manufacturer with an in-house laboratory that can perform weekly hardness tests on molds and finished products. This helps you avoid some unexpected problems after stamping.

There are two types of inspection in the metal stamping industry, 1) random review, which is carried out by machine operators during the manufacturing process, and 2) the final one hundred percent inspection before packaging, which only highly qualified workers can do.

9. Delivery date

In order to meet the urgent demand, many metal stamping manufacturers are unable to deliver a large number of parts on time due to the difference in production workload.

When you need high quality stampings, ask your suppliers about their capacity and the time it takes to produce the product after you place your order. If they tell you that they will provide a quote within 24 hours of your inquiry, the supplier may be considered a specialist.

10. Mark and paint

Labeling and painting are key processes that make your final product look its best through brand name, model number, and/or other descriptive information.

High quality metal stamping die equipped with advanced 3D laser marking equipment, can provide accurate marking and high processing speed. These are automated machines that can reduce labor costs for these procedures.

However, they are also expensive compared to traditional labeling methods, so be careful when choosing a manufacturer.

11. Quality control process

Quality control is always one of the most important factors in determining whether your stampings meet customer requirements.

High quality manufacturers should have quality control personnel responsible for testing their products in every procedure, including heat treatment.

Their test procedures should be strictly defined in accordance with international or national specifications that you need to provide prior to production. If possible, consider ISO certification to ensure that all your programs are controlled under qualified management.

12. Packaging and transportation

Proper packing and shipping can reduce the risk of damage to stamping parts, especially large and/or heavy parts.

Consult with your stamping manufacturer for details about their packaging and shipping options prior to production. In addition, if possible, please provide samples of similar products and test packing and shipping.

Price of 13.

Price is a factor you should not ignore when choosing a metal stamping manufacturer, but this does not mean that the lowest price is the best choice.

Quality and service level are functions of price, so don't make the mistake of making a choice based on cost alone. Compare prices and service levels before choosing.

14. The profit margin

Profit margins are something few people discuss, but they are an important factor. Before deciding which hardware stamping manufacturer to choose, consider your final profit margin and determine if the price offered will allow you to get the profit margin you need.

If not, you might consider getting lower production costs or even higher productivity from a high-quality hardware stamping manufacturer.

15. The reliability

The best way to determine reliability is through feedback (word of mouth) from other businesses that use their services. You can also take advantage of a trading platform that provides supplier evaluations for its members.

16. After-sales service

You must pay attention to the after-sale service provided by your chosen stamping manufacturer. In the event of a problem with your product, the manufacturer shall immediately provide after sale services according to your requirements, including manufacturing and repair.

A professional metal factory should have a machine maintenance department and a store of spare parts in case of any unexpected situation during production. Even if it takes longer, they should stay in close touch with you.

If you find that your hardware stamping manufacturer only provides tool repair and no spare parts, then they will not be able to provide after-sales service for your product.


Choosing a quality hardware stamping manufacturer is a long and detailed process that requires multiple factors to be evaluated before signing a contract.

Since there are many issues to consider when choosing a quality hardware stamping manufacturer, it is important to get professional advice before placing an order.

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