Two keys to giving your child a rich life

Based on my research on people over the past two decades, and my own life experience, I've found that whether a person is successful in the future, whether he or she has money, whether he or she is happy, and whether he or she is in a good marriage, depends on two things.

The first one is called self-worth.

I would classify it as a core trunk of the tree.

The trunk of a tree is very important, a good body is not afraid of evil, psychology has a special term called self-value, a person's self-value is related to future life happiness.

What is self-worth? It's a person's perception of himself or herself, a sense of identity.

There are three core questions in philosophy: who are you, where are you from, and where are you going? One of the key questions is who are you?

This is how you judge yourself, which in psychology is called self-worth. Self-worth is the script of life.

The development of the drama is based on the script. We are like actors, to complete the script of our life, and this self-worth is the script of life 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

For example, if you have a pet friend, you buy a cat or a dog. For example, I am from Guangdong, and I usually name the dog Wangcai, for good luck.

When you name a dog prosperous wealth, the dog does not know it is called prosperous wealth.

But as you kept calling him Fortune for about a week, especially at feeding time, he began to realize that Fortune was me.

a33e935c00df1416340ae7b0a84a2510This process is called self-identification.

Our life is a continuous process of building our own identity.

And then branching out beyond the name.

Let's say there's a kid growing up, and his parents keep telling him, you're great, you're a talented person, you're going to do great things.

Say that too much, and the kid internalizes: I'm great, I might do great things in the future, I'm not just a person, I'm a person who does great things.

This process is exactly the same as a dog identifying himself as prosperous wealth. This is called self-identity, self-identity level is called self-worth.

To help you understand, there are other parents who talk about their children:

What the hell is wrong with you, dumbass?

Why can't you do this right?

What can you do in the future?


After the child listened to more, he gradually agreed that he was a fool, a brain of people.

Because the parents in the child's mind are very trusted people, when the parents continue to give the child recognition, he began to establish his own life script, with this script in the second half of his life.

A child whose parents constantly write: you are great, you are a great person, he will be able to laugh off some setbacks in the future.

Because he had a script inside of him: I'm a great person, I'm a person who does great things, and I'm capable of fulfilling my mission in life.

But the child who has been denied, criticized and blamed from childhood to childhood has a bad script, and his life is not likely to be smooth sailing.

Therefore, when he has some real contact with society in the future, when he meets some problems in work and life, the voice of the script written by his parents will emerge in his brain:

I am really a loser, so how can I do this little thing?

I'm such an idiot. I'm out of my mind.

He gives up easily, gets depressed, gets depressed, has a lot of problems.

Like the trunk of a tree, it is full of leaves, it must grow a lot of fruit.

But if the trunk is diseased from a young age, the tree will break or even die when the wind comes.

From a psychological point of view, whether a person will be happy in the future, whether they have money, whether they have a good marriage, whether they can achieve some career, the core of the first point is self-worth.

Just like the bigger the trunk, the stronger the tree's ability to withstand the wind and rain, the trunk has no force, the tree can not withstand the wind and rain.

The second point, which concerns the child's future life, is his way of thinking, that is, the dimension of thinking.

There is a Chinese character -- prisoner, a person in the mouth is called prisoner, our mind is like a mouth, if a person once solidified, will become a prisoner.

Of course, we are not prisoners of prison, just prisoners of our own mind.

Many people from the width of the mind are very narrow, because when we read, we will only hear one answer, teachers, parents say what we believe.

When such a child grows up, he has only one answer for life, which is very narrow.

Times are constantly changing. These people grow up in the process of only one answer. His way of thinking is single. It is difficult to adapt to the changes of society.

S like today is the Internet. For instance, if it turns out the child will only do business in stores, the age of the Internet means he doesn't know how to respond, because in his world, he has no Internet this concept. He walked out of his original world. This is one way of thinking. His life is only a kind of life-style.

How are such children raised?

Because parents and teachers will always use the infuse method to give children a standard answer.

If a child has only one standard answer, his brain has developed a habit of thinking about what is right and what is wrong.

Once you have a standard answer, it's hard to accept others.

First of all, his marriage will encounter great difficulties, because he always thinks that he is right and others are wrong, his world can not accept: I am right, you are right.

He has trouble getting along with the other half, even in the work world.

A person's cognition of life is very limited. We can't know all the knowledge in the whole world. The world we know is very narrow.

Just as a blind man feels an elephant, those who touch its legs say it is a pillar, those who touch its body say it is a wall, and those who touch its tail say it is a rope.

If a person is stuck with his own perception, it will be difficult to cooperate with his colleagues in the workplace, especially with his boss.

Generally, people who have been leaders have seen a lot of things and have a broad horizon.

However, if the child is stuck in his own opinion at work, he will think that the elephant is a rope, but his leader says that the elephant is not only a rope, but also a wall and a pillar. He will argue with the leader, stick to his own position, and it is difficult to get along harmoniously.

How successful can a person be in life if he can't get along with his partner, his boss, his colleagues?

Not only was he unsuccessful, not only was he not making money, but at least his relationships were terrible, very bad.

This is the dimension of the mind. We need to broaden the dimension of the mind of our children. If we don't open the minds of our children in education, our children's minds will be fixed.

If we have low self-worth and constantly destroy the child's self-worth, no matter how good the test score is, it doesn't matter.

Because the examination result is good, is not equal to his thought dimension is high, the examination has the standard answer commonly.

In a word, let the child lead a rich life inside and outside two points: the first is called self-awareness, self-worth. This is also the script of life.

The second is the breadth of our thinking, that we are right, that we can accommodate others, that there is more than one answer to anything.

Psychological theory, a choice is not a choice, two choices will let you in a dilemma, everything has more than three choices. If you can let children have more choices, the thought of the dimension will be higher.

If you grasp these two core issues, the rest of the problem of educating children is a two-fold problem.

Self-worth is like the trunk of a tree. It is the stable foundation on which a tree is built. The dimensions of thought are like the roots of a tree.

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