Stamping parts processing manufacturers how to try the mold

The stamping mold needs to be tested before it can be delivered. Yiwei Precision provides one-stop service for mold development and design, stamping, injection molding, automatic assembly, and self-production and self-use of molds. ​Then, and the metal stamping part manufacturer Xiaobian together to appreciate how to attempt the mold, which contains.

1. The manufactured die can be successfully installed on the specified press;

2. Qualified stamping products can be manufactured stably and smoothly on the die by utilizing the specified blank;

d3ddc96268a3658ab26681091072bd733. Check the quality of the stamping parts obtained by the test punching to see whether it meets the requirements of the product parts drawing. If the product parts are discovered to have defects, evaluate the reasons and modify and debug the stamping die until a batch of stamping parts sufficiently meet the requirements of the drawing can be produced;

4. According to the design requirements, further calculate the shape and size of part of the mold after the test, and trim these sizes until they meet the requirements;

5. Prepare the basis of the process procedure for the production of batch stamping parts for the process department after the mold test;

6. When testing the mold, all kinds of adverse factors affecting production, safety, quality and operation should be removed, so that the mold can achieve the purpose of reliable and mass production.

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