Specific uses of powder coating powder

Simply speaking, it is a new coating instead of paint. The main component is resin. The performance of powder coating powder is not the same as that of resin.

Mainly anti-corrosion effect, relative to paint, does not contain VOC, that is to say, does not contain organic volatiles.

Such as formaldehyde, environmental products; ​higher utilization rate than paint, because it is powdered, can be recycled, reduces waste;

​the spraying environment is much better than painting. The spraying link is very convenient; ​spray on metal surface, coating can be thin or thick.


It is mainly sprayed on the surface of metal, and can also be sprayed on a medium-density board, but only two companies in China are doing it now, helping Ikea to do processing. Powder coating powder can also be sprayed on glass, which is not available in China.

The surface spraying effect of powder coating powder looks similar to the effect of paint, professional understanding will know that powder coating powder can not make the color of paint very bright, leveling excellent surface.

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