Hairstylists need more than technique, aesthetic creativity is more valuable, for example "hair extensions" to illustrate this point

Sorching summer more hope after a shower, the sun suddenly open to reflect a rainbow in the sky, whether to walk in the street or sitting in the office, so cool weather, cover can be agitated of body and mind, speaking of the rainbow, it always can provide creative friends with infinite material, color is its unique window, in the eyes of our fashion stylist, It is also an opportunity to create a trend, fashion hair extensions have been very popular in the last 3 years, especially with colorful colors, often become a sharp tool to attract everyone's eyes!

Color in the fashion industry is a party. According to the collocation of color can be designed, for different people, clothing, beauty products, etc., rainbow hair is unique, as a small niche fashion creator, each stylist has ability, out of a force to the progress of fashion, you should be able to guess I express the theme of today, that is, receiver, creative.

When the girl saw so beautiful hair hair color, my heart may be very yearning and envy, don't know such a beautiful hair, what was done, each piece of the emergence of new things, must have been away from the creator, beautiful hair, too, when he saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky after the rain, can be associated with the hair also can actually do so, Practice + thought often equals success.

In the first place, if you want to make such a gorgeous hair color, bleaching hair is definitely a necessary step. hair extension manufacturer should be very good at bleaching hair color. It is best to directly use batik with clear wax after the hair base color is finished.

Color is one aspect. Taking hair really is a skilled job, "he in the original" braid ", also is in root position braid hair plait, then using crystal line, so that full head down can be fetched up her hair, also according with the technical means, but also is a very obvious insufficient place, and looking at the head is very big! Because BRAID RECEIVES THE HAIR TO CONTACT POINT IS VERY BIG ALSO, CERTAINLY CAN MAKE THE HAIR FLEECY RISE, SO SUCH TECHNOLOGY ALSO EXITED HISTORICAL STAGE SLOWLY..​

aa918f071f62f9e54efe95c9764cf90bA technology selection, of course, is also a kind of new technology, the rise of "receiver" crystal "non-trace piece" began to be put into use, the advantages of these two technologies is reduced from human contact, can let a hair have the space to carry more hair amount, and looks more real and feels comfortable, because this is, after all, pick up her hair, the hair and the hair is very weak position, Even a slight deviation in technique can cause pain, and washing your hair can be a pain, as can any beautiful woman who gets her hair.

The way and the two kinds of hair again to be eliminated, we started using mechanical means, to complete the link, "6 d non-trace receiver" spread rapidly, but also proves that the power of the web, in coastal city using the technologies and products on the Internet, thousands of miles away city, through three days of time, can learn the technology, And to buy the product on the Internet and put it into practice, which is really one of the signs of progress of The Times.

And do I think hair effect or "feather hair", we can see from the picture, the hair is pure manual operation, the use of making good hair, the hair with crochet to the hair root, then the receiver contact is the smallest, comb my hair and wash your hair, completely will not be affected, the vision is no flaws, At the same time, this is the most proud place as a "craftsman", with countless repeated movements to create different beauties, behind this is repeated practice and learning, can meet everyone's needs, promote the progress of fashion!

Every man is not the same as "fireworks", if you are creative, then you will be the fashion dared to, a cup of starbucks' shake ice cream, you can create a different hair color, when we have the technology, will be around to learn to discover the potential aesthetic feeling, used to work, this is the incomparable advantages in other industries, Creation, creation is also your shining charm!

Contemporary EXCELLENT HAIR STYLIST PEOPLE, THE TECHNIQUE IS EXCELLENT IS VERY BASIC REQUIREMENT. IN THE HEART IS FULL OF AESTHETIC FEELING BELONGS TO THE CONDITION THAT ADVANCES MORE, IS THE TECHNIQUE OF THE MASTER BETTER THAN YOU CERTAINLY? This IS not necessarily, but the idea and creativity in their heart is absolutely higher than us. The invariable thing, again like also can feel tired. Now everyone is perfecting technology at the same time, learning to appreciate the United States to discover the United States to create the United States. I believe you will also become the fashion industry "godfather", the talent in the United States industry!

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