3 Things You Must Know about Getting a mobile phone card abroad

Overseas communication services are very different from those in China. Many people will spend a lot of time exploring Pr phone cards after going abroad. In fact, these preparations can be done in advance at home, and the cost performance is relatively higher.

After landing in foreign countries to buy mobile phone cards, first of all, more trouble, in the absence of acquaintances to lead the situation, it is difficult to quickly smooth business. American operators are divided into national, virtual and local. National carriers are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, and local carriers are even bigger. For those who are new to the country, it is recommended to choose a traditional national carrier.

First of all, for students with limited funds, it is not recommended to choose Verizon and Sprint, because these two companies belong to the CDMA network, the same as the domestic telecom, but the CDMA in the United States is a machine card, so you can not apply for CDMA mobile phone card alone. Can only choose the domestic CDMA mobile phone, go abroad can roam, but the cost is very expensive, in advance of the domestic preparation of CDMA, so it does not look cost-effective.

8de2fe90444c66b87ae6fda95b5e2ab2AT&T's experience is better for beginners, as it offers a wider range of services and relatively fast speeds. T-mobile mainly covers large cities, which can be chosen according to individual needs. One thing to note is that in the United States, some sparsely populated areas, scenic areas, etc., may experience Internet inaccessibility, which is normal.

After choosing the carrier you want, you should also pay attention to some business tactics when you buy the card. Some people may attract users with "unlimited data", but in reality, the traffic may only be 3G or 2G network, and also pay attention to whether the area you are going to support the service or technology.

Finally, after determining the mobile phones, operators and data plans, and paying attention to the type of SIM card, SIM card as well as domestic, divided into standard card, Micro and Nano, despite the current mainstream use or Nano card, but before buying or to ask the best, after all, foreign communications business is dealt with afresh is also very troublesome.

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