Parents should cultivate these good qualities in their children

(1) Develop the habit of being diligent from childhood

Diligence is a good habit that children must develop from an early age. For diligence is a man's chief virtue, is the source of happiness, and laziness is the root of all evil. It is unfortunate that a child's energy will become destructive if it is not directed in a beneficial direction. As the saying goes, "The devil does evil by the hand of the lazy."

Plato once said, "No bad man is bad by his own will." The same applies to children. The reason why people become bad people is mostly the result of poor parental education. Therefore, as a parent, children should form the habit of being diligent, so that the devil has no chance. A child who loves labor, is eager to learn, cares about and sympathizes with others from an early age will surely become a happy person in the future.

(2) Cultivate children's self-control

Another of the most important qualities a child can possess is self-control. There is an old saying, "A happy man is not one who can do as he pleases with his money, but one who can do as he pleases with himself."

The energy of a child is like steam. If it can be controlled and transferred to a machine, it can make a steamboat start and a train go fast. If it is allowed to evaporate, it is very dangerous.

c8ec21e621ca72749435bcb32037397f(3) Develop the habit of civility

In families, it is easy to speak rudely, which should be taken care of in order to educate children. To let the children speak politely, the children also want to use "please", "thank you" these civilized words. Children always imitate their parents, so parents with young children should not use rude language, even with domestic animals 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

Things like arithmetic and geography can be learned when you grow up. However, if civility is not formed in childhood, it is difficult to acquire later. Therefore, attention should be paid to correcting children's bad behavior.

(4) Teach children to obey

The child is born selfish, a little tyrant, for others to ask more, think of others very little. However, this character can be corrected by education. If taught from an early age to think of others, compassion for others, the child will never become an egoist.

5. Get rid of the bad habit of lying

Lying is the root of all evil, and its harm need not be stated. However, because children are inexperienced and imaginative, they sometimes lie and know that it is a bad thing. This should not be overblamed, but attention should be paid to correction. Because there is only one step between harmless lying and lying that deceives others.

(6) Get rid of greed

Greed is the nature of children, but as long as they pay attention to education, children will soon become unselfish people. Winnie from an early age, Mrs. Stena encouraged her to give all kinds of handicrafts to children, to poor children, in order to cultivate her spirit of charity. At the same time, to encourage her to work for others, she made her daughter her assistant.

(7) Do not spank children

The habit of parents hitting their children also comes from some wrong educational concepts. When a child does something wrong, the fault lies with the adult, not the child. Children do bad things because parents do not direct their children's energy to the good side, which is the result of neglect. If you want to direct your child's energy to the good side, you must start to let your child be interested in work and labor as soon as possible.

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