How do boys and girls approach relationships differently?

Men and women are naturally different creatures. The inherent differences in physiology and their own growth experience lead to different needs and states in the relationship between each other. Also, because of the different positioning of the relationship, we cannot ask others to reach a consensus completely according to their own intentions.

1. Men are amorous and long, and women are special and unfeeling.

A man will know that he has a marriage object, the heart will go to think of another person, there is always a faint love, or always can not get but miss the woman. A man, in this life if there is his favorite woman, although not get, although he married, has a child, he will be in the heart to his love of the woman to leave a place, leave a reverie to yourself. But women and men are just the opposite, women treat feelings that are exclusive and unfeeling. When a woman is with the man she likes, all she thinks about is that man, and all she does is for him. But if a woman decides to give up a man's time, won't give ONESELF AND EACH OTHER LEAVE a little leEWAY, THIS is the woman's unfeeling.

2. Men and women treat their exes differently, too.

When a man knows his former girlfriend is having a bad time, he will comfort her, while when a woman knows her former boyfriend is having a bad time, most of them will certainly not comfort him. Men looking for objects, generally want to find a woman like a bird, can let their good love, good pain, good protection. And women looking for a partner generally want to find a can protect themselves, love themselves, to their own considerate man to rely on 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

a242eee435ba898b991d38230b22833f3. Men are active and women are passive.

Nature dictates that men must be proactive. Men's passion comes and goes quickly. Usually, men are quick to jump into a relationship, but sometimes men are fragile and not easy to fall in love with. Men need to go out and earn, to fight, to fight, to protect and maintain their families. Women are passive, slow to warm up, slow to go. Women are not easy to invest in feelings, women's feelings will not easily transfer, women have long love. This is also nature determines the nature of women. You need to take care of the family, take care of the kids.

4. Men use their senses, women use their senses.

Men belong to the sensory love of a woman, which leads to getting along with the longer, the longer the time will be more and more weak, they cannot find the feelings of the first acquaintance. Women fall in love with a man by feeling him, which is the opposite of a man, and will grow stronger and stronger over time and with each other.

5. When a man loves a woman, he makes poetry. When a woman loves a man, she dreams. Women often yearn for men; ​men often have second thoughts about women. Love is woman's all, but only a small part of man. Men communicate by saying, women communicate by feeling.

To sum up, there are many differences and differences between men and women in their emotional treatment. ​To treat feelings, we must learn women's love, and use men's long love, focus on each other, long love in each other, this is real love.

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